Buying Process

Disney Vacation Club purchased through Buy and Sell DVC, Inc.® should be a smooth and efficient experience. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout the process. The below questions and answers should be helpful in knowing the details of the buying process once you find the listing you want to purchase.


How long does it take for the DVC contract to close?

Approximately 8 weeks. After we receive the Seller’s signed contract along with the Buyer’s signed contract and deposit, the contract goes to Disney Vacation Club for Right of First Refusal or commonly abbreviated as ROFR. Disney has 30 days to review the contract and decide whether to exercise their right or not. Once approved, Disney sends the estoppel to the title company and the title company then can prepare final documents. After the final documents have been executed and returned (along with the monies due from the Buyer), the contract closes and Disney is notified of the transfer of title. After the contract is closed Disney then makes the final transfer of membership. Once the new membership is set up by Disney, they will email you your membership information.


When will I receive my DVC Member number so I can make a reservation using my points?

Your DVC Member number should arrive via email from Disney Vacation Club approximately three weeks after your contract has been closed and recorded in county records. Once you have received with your Member number you can contact Disney Vacation Club member services to begin making reservations.


Do I have to come to Florida for the closing?

No. Everything is done using email and mail.


Is my purchase protected?

We only recommend the most knowledgeable and efficient closing companies to our clients. For your protection, all closings are handled by licensed, bonded, and insured title companies and/or real estate attorneys well-versed in DVC closings. The closing costs will include title search, title insurance, administrative fees, and recording fees. The closing costs are paid to the title company at closing. A title search is conducted prior to closing to be sure that the title is “free and clear” and an insurance policy is issued to ensure the same.

If you have any other questions on the buying process please email us at or call us at 407-906-3789


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