Autograph Books at Magic Kingdom

Autograph books are a popular and cherished tradition at Disney parks, including Magic Kingdom. Here’s a guide on autograph books at Magic Kingdom:

  1. Purchase at the Park:
    • Autograph books are widely available for purchase throughout Magic Kingdom. You can find them in various shops and kiosks, especially in areas where character meet-and-greets are common.
  2. Character Meet-and-Greets:
    • Many Disney characters are available for meet-and-greets throughout the park. Some popular locations include Town Square Theater, Princess Fairytale Hall, and Adventureland. Characters are usually happy to sign autograph books and interact with guests.
  3. Character Dining:
    • If you’re planning to enjoy a character dining experience at Magic Kingdom (such as Cinderella’s Royal Table or The Crystal Palace), characters often visit each table for photos and autographs.
  4. Bring Your Own:
    • If you have an autograph book from a previous Disney trip or one you purchased elsewhere, feel free to bring it with you. Characters will gladly sign any suitable item.
  5. Character Cavalcades:
    • Magic Kingdom features character cavalcades, which are mini-parades featuring Disney characters. While characters may not stop for autographs during these cavalcades, you can still enjoy seeing them from a distance.
  6. Character Attendants:
    • Character attendants, the cast members who assist characters during meet-and-greets, can be a valuable resource. They can help organize lines, take photos, and guide you on the best way to interact with the characters.
  7. Personalization:
    • Some characters may take the time to personalize their autographs with a special message. Be sure to have the book open to the page you’d like them to sign.
  8. FastPass+ for Character Meet-and-Greets:
    • While the traditional FastPass+ system has been replaced by Disney Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane selections, there may be opportunities to use these services for certain character meet-and-greet experiences, allowing you to spend less time waiting in line.
  9. Memories and Keepsakes:
    • Autograph books serve as wonderful keepsakes, capturing the memories of your Disney vacation. Encourage each character to make their autograph unique, and consider taking photos with them as well.
  10. Pens and Markers:
    • It’s a good idea to carry a few extra pens or markers in case one runs out or if characters are signing with different colors.

Autograph books add an extra layer of magic to your Disney experience, creating a tangible and personalized souvenir filled with the signatures of beloved characters.


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