Rainy Season for Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Florida experiences a rainy season that typically occurs during the summer months. The rainy season in Central Florida is characterized by increased humidity and the potential for daily afternoon thunderstorms. This period usually spans from June to September.

During this time, temperatures are high, and the warm air often leads to the development of thunderstorms, which can bring heavy rainfall, lightning, and gusty winds. These storms tend to be intense but are often of short duration. It’s not uncommon for rain showers to occur in the late afternoon or early evening.

Visitors to Walt Disney World during the rainy season should be prepared for sudden weather changes. It’s advisable to bring rain gear, such as ponchos or umbrellas, and to check the weather forecast regularly. Despite the rain, many attractions at the theme parks are designed to operate in various weather conditions, so there are still plenty of indoor and covered experiences available for guests.


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