Valentine’s Day Dinners at Walt Disney World

Disney World typically offers special dining experiences and events for Valentine’s Day. Here are some general tips and considerations for planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at Walt Disney World:

  1. Make Reservations Early: Disney World restaurants, especially popular ones, can book up quickly. Make reservations as early as possible to secure a spot at your desired restaurant.
  2. Special Events: Disney may host special events or themed dinners for Valentine’s Day. Check the official Disney World website or contact Disney Dining for information on any special events during your visit.
  3. Signature Restaurants: Consider dining at one of Disney World’s signature restaurants for a more upscale and romantic experience. Examples include Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort or California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.
  4. Epcot World Showcase: Epcot’s World Showcase offers a variety of international dining options. Choose a country with cuisine that you and your partner enjoy for a unique and romantic dinner.
  5. Disney Springs: Explore dining options at Disney Springs, where you’ll find a wide range of restaurants offering different cuisines. Many have romantic atmospheres and may offer special menus for Valentine’s Day.
  6. Themed Dining: Choose a restaurant with a romantic theme or setting. For example, Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom offers dining inside Cinderella Castle for a fairytale experience.
  7. Check for Special Menus: Some Disney World restaurants may offer special Valentine’s Day menus or packages. Look for details on the official Disney website or contact the dining reservations line for information.
  8. Be Flexible: If your first-choice restaurant is fully booked, be flexible and consider alternative options. Disney World has numerous dining choices with varying atmospheres.

For the most up-to-date and specific information on Valentine’s Day dinners at Walt Disney World in 2024, I recommend checking the official Disney World website or contacting Disney Dining directly. They can provide information on special events, menus, and reservations.


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