Basics of Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation ownership program operated by Disney. It allows members to purchase an ownership interest in Disney Vacation Club resorts, providing them with access to vacation accommodations at Disney resorts and certain other destinations. Here are the basics of how Disney Vacation Club works:

  1. Points-Based System:
    • DVC operates on a points-based system. Members purchase a certain number of points, and these points determine the size of the accommodations, the length of stay, and the time of year when they can travel.
  2. Membership Purchase:
    • Memberships at each resort have an expiration date. The expiration date for each resort is the same if you buy direct from Disney or resale.
    • Members can choose to buy directly from Disney or explore the resale market where existing members sell their memberships.
  3. Use Year:
    • Each membership has a designated “Use Year,” which is the month when the annual allotment of points becomes available for booking. Members can use their points for vacations during their Use Year.
  4. Home Resort:
    • Members have a “home resort,” which is the specific Disney Vacation Club resort where they have priority booking 11 months in advance. This allows them to secure reservations at their home resort before other members.
  5. Booking Windows:
    • Members can book accommodations at their home resort 11 months in advance and at other Disney Vacation Club resorts 7 months in advance.
  6. Flexible Use:
    • DVC points are flexible and can be used for various accommodations, including studios, one-bedroom villas, two-bedroom villas, and grand villas. The size of the accommodation and the length of stay depend on the number of points used.
  7. Access to Other Destinations:
    • In addition to Disney resorts, DVC members can use their points for accommodations through Interval International.
  8. Member Benefits:
    • DVC members enjoy certain benefits, such as discounts on theme park tickets, dining, merchandise, and special events. However, these benefits may differ for direct purchases from Disney and resale purchases.
  9. Resale Market:
    • Members can sell their DVC memberships on the resale market.
  10. Maintenance Fees:
    • Members are responsible for paying annual maintenance fees, which cover the operating expenses of the resorts. These fees are in addition to the initial purchase price of the membership.

It’s important for potential DVC members to carefully consider their vacation preferences, financial commitments, and the terms of the membership before purchasing. Additionally, understanding the points system, booking windows, and member benefits is crucial for maximizing the value of the Disney Vacation Club experience.


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