Borrowing Disney Vacation Club Points

Borrowing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points is a feature available to DVC members that allows them to use points from a future Use Year (the 12-month period during which you can book your DVC stays) in the current Use Year. This feature is handy when you want to book a longer or more luxurious stay than your current Use Year’s points allow.

Here’s how borrowing DVC points works:

  1. Understand Your Use Year: Your DVC membership comes with a specific Use Year, which determines when your points become available for booking. For instance, if your Use Year is October, you can start booking vacations for the following year in October.
  2. Borrowing Limits: You can usually borrow up to the number of points you will receive in your next Use Year. For instance, if your next Use Year begins in October, and you have 100 points available, you can book and use up to 100 borrowed points in your current Use Year.
  3. Booking and Planning: Once you’ve determined that you want to borrow points, you can use them to book your vacation within your current Use Year. These borrowed points are used alongside your current Use Year’s points.
  4. Use Year Adjustment: When you borrow points from a future Use Year, it will affect the point balance for the following year. This means you’ll have fewer points to work with in your next Use Year, so plan accordingly.

Direct DVC members and resale members can borrow their points.


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