Entertainment at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Disney’s Boardwalk Villas is a charming resort located on Disney’s Boardwalk, an entertainment district near Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While the resort itself doesn’t have extensive nighttime entertainment options, the Boardwalk area offers a variety of activities and entertainment choices. This resort expires 2042 and the 2023 annual dues are $8.53 per point.

  1. Boardwalk Entertainment: The actual Boardwalk area comes alive at night with street performers, magicians, and musicians. You can stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy these live entertainers. They often perform in the evening, providing a festive and fun atmosphere.
  2. Dining: The Boardwalk features several restaurants and bars. You can enjoy dinner at popular restaurants like Flying Fish or Trattoria al Forno and then head to the Belle Vue Lounge for a quiet drink or jellyrolls, a dueling piano bar.
  3. Atlantic Dance Hall: This is a nightclub located on the Boardwalk, and it features a DJ playing music from the ’80s, ’90s, and today. It’s a great place for dancing and enjoying a night out.
  4. Ample Hills Creamery: If you’re looking for a sweet treat, you can visit Ample Hills Creamery for some unique and delicious ice cream flavors. They’re open late, so it’s a nice option for a nighttime dessert.
  5. Watching Epcot Fireworks: While not exclusive to the Boardwalk Villas, you can take a short walk to Epcot’s World Showcase to watch the nightly fireworks show, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. This show is a fantastic way to cap off your evening.
  6. Boardwalk Area Pools: The resort has a couple of pools that are open until late. You can relax by the poolside or even go for a night swim.
  7. Movies Under the Stars: Some Disney resorts offer a “Movies Under the Stars” experience, where you can watch Disney movies in an outdoor setting. While availability may vary, it’s worth checking if this is offered during your stay.
  8. In-Room Entertainment: If you prefer a quieter evening, you can enjoy Disney-themed in-room entertainment or relax in your villa.

Remember that Disney’s Boardwalk Villas is also conveniently located near Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so you can easily access the nighttime entertainment options in those parks as well.

Be sure to check with the resort staff or the official Disney website for any specific events or activities that might be available during your visit, as offerings can change.


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