A Guide to Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Points and Ownership

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation ownership program offered by Disney that allows members to purchase points, which can be used to stay at Disney Vacation Club resorts and other Disney destinations. These points are essentially a form of currency within the DVC system, and they offer members flexibility and options when planning their Disney vacations. Here’s how DVC points work:

  1. Point Allocation: When you become a DVC member, you are allocated a certain number of points each year. The exact number of points you receive depends on your ownership interest, the resort, and the type of accommodation you own. Points can also vary in terms of their value, with more desirable resorts and accommodations costing more points.
  2. Use Year: Each DVC member has a designated “Use Year.” This is the month when your annual allotment of points becomes available for use. For example, if your Use Year is in February, your points for the year are available from February of one year to January of the next year.
  3. Banking and Borrowing: DVC members have the flexibility to manage their points by “banking” or “borrowing” them. You can bank points from one Use Year to the next or borrow points from a future Use Year to the current year. This can be useful if you want to take a longer or more luxurious vacation in a particular year.
  4. Transferring and Renting Points: DVC members can transfer points to other members (with some restrictions) or even rent their points to non-members, allowing friends or family to stay at DVC resorts.


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